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NSW, Australia

"I am not a spiritual person nor have I been big into meditation before this. I could not believe what I felt during the journey and was very surprised at how deeply my mind and body were entranced by the journey. Whilst I was deep into the journey I did not want to come out as I felt so present and had so much clarity. It brought a lot of feelings and emotions to the surface but all through this I felt so at peace and clear-minded. It was a mind-blowing experience. I have started the daily breathing exercises that Gavin sent me. This is helping me with my sleeping and is also helping me keep a clear mind. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is wanting to work on themselves and get a little bit extra out of their life."


Tasmania, Australia

"I felt safe, inspired and encouraged to journey deep and unlock stuff that has been stuck inside my body for eternity. Gavin supported me through my resistance and guided me to  a powerful release and I instantly slipped into an unfamiliar bliss state. Thank you so much. This next level of Breathwork is phenomenal!"


NSW, Australia

"Being new to breathwork, Gavin guided me steadily through different phases of the journey pushing me and filling me with confidence within myself along the way. Such a great experience!"



Thanks for the epic breathwork Journey! Loved it so much and got a major piece of wisdom from tonight from my journey. Thanks a million!


The entire experience was amazing! I was already intrigued by how breathwork can change/improve your mindset, but now I'm thoroughly convinced. I felt very at peace and clear-headed after the journey.

Olivia P.


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